Members' Information

Hi All - Good to have you on board as a member of Dorking Freestyle Sport Karate Club. Here is where you can find out more information about training and competing with us.

Once you have trained for 4 weeks with us, we then ask you to become a member of DFSK. To do this you will need to complete and return (to Claire) an Application Form for Membership & Licence. Annual membership which includes an AMA Licence fee costs £25.00 for Juniors and £35.00 for Seniors. All students must have a valid Licence to undertake club gradings and to compete at competition level.

You will also want to now purchase your Club Kit to wear and Equipment to train in. All items can be purchased from Claire by cash or cheque. We suggest that you start by purchasing the club t-shirt, trousers and sweatshirt.

Below you can find a full pricelist for the equipment that we stock:


Blitz Karate Belts

Now you will want to undertake our comprehensive Grading syllabus. This will take you on a journey from your 6th Kyu (Yellow belt) through to 1st Dan (Black belt) and requires competence and a commitment to regular training. Gradings are held quarterly and students will be advised by an Instructor when they are competent to undertake a grading. Gradings are not mandatory but belts earned through hard work and dedication, give all our students an immense feeling of pride when they attain each new graded belt.

Students are also encouraged to compete at small novice competitions as soon as they are able. These competitions will also prepare them for larger competitions as their confidence and ability increases.